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Individual study: Perch-deterrents fitted onto power lines lower raptor activity frequency and predation rate

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Slater S.J. & Smith J.P. (2010) Effectiveness of Raptor Perch Deterrents on an Electrical Transmission Line in Southwestern Wyoming. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 74, 1080-1088

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Use perch-deterrents to stop raptors perching on pylons Bird Conservation

A controlled study from September-August in 2006-2007 in shrubland in Wyoming, USA (Slater & Smith 2010), found that raptor activity and predation rates were significantly lower near a 24.9 km perch-deterrent line, compared to a 16.4 km section of control line (42 sightings vs. 551 and 69 prey items found vs. 277). Golden eagles Aquila chrysaetos and common ravens Corvus corax were the species most commonly observed successfully overcoming deterrent devices (76% of deterrent-line sightings). More raptors perched on wires (rather than pylons) on perch-deterrent lines (228 compared to 11 sightings on control lines; 68% of sightings were rough-legged hawks Buteo lagopus).