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Individual study: A review shows that colour dyes deter birds from taking poisoned rodent-baits

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Kalmbach E.R. & Welch J.F. (1946) Colored rodent baits and their value in safeguarding birds. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 10, 353-360

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Use coloured baits to reduce accidental mortality during predator control Bird Conservation

A review of three replicated, controlled trials in Day County, South Dakota, USA, and another in Routt County, Colorado (Kalmbach & Welch 1946), in 1945, found that bird assemblages (mainly songbirds and doves) took a higher proportion of uncoloured grain (88% taken) than of yellow (73%) or green (23%) grain, and when uncoloured was not available, birds took more yellow (87% and 15% in two sites) than green (39% and 9%). In addition, more dead birds were found with uncoloured poison grain in their stomachs than with yellow. Very few birds were found with green grain.