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Individual study: Effects of feeders on dispersion and mortality of bobwhites

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Guthery F.S., Hiller T.L., Puckett W.H., Baker R.A., Smith S.G. & Rybak A.R. (2004) Effects of feeders on dispersion and mortality of bobwhites. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 32, 1248-1254

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Provide supplementary food for gamebirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A cross-over experiment on a 796 ha rangeland site in Texas, USA, in the winters of 2000-1 until 2002-3 (Guthery et al. 2004) found that northern bobwhites Colinus virginianus had lower winter survival on two sites when they were supplied with food, compared with when no food was supplied (24-57% survival of 89 birds on fed sites vs. 28-72% for 63 controls). Bobwhite home ranges on the fed site were 34-63% of the size of those on controls. Feeding consisted of 40 permanent feeders, supplied twice a week with cracked corn, milo and wheat between October and March each winter. Guards were placed around feeders, but 98% of 152 visits recorded were by non-target species.