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Individual study: A philosophy of habitat management for northern bobwhites

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Guthery F.S. (1997) A philosophy of habitat management for northern bobwhites. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 61, 291-301

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Provide supplementary food for gamebirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A 1997 literature review (Guthery 1997) collated data from eight sites in the USA where northern bobwhites Colinus virginianus were provided with supplementary food and concluded that feeding neither increases nor decreases bobwhite populations. Feeding ranged from intensive regimes with multiple feeders to more extensive programmes. Fed areas had higher bobwhite densities at three of the eight sites, control areas had higher densities at four and there was no difference at one site. On average, densities were 1.4 birds/ha in fed areas and 1.3 birds/ha in controls.