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Individual study: Predator removal increases nest survival in dabbling ducks Anas spp. in farmland in North Dakota, USA

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Garrettson P.R. & Rohwer F.C. (2001) Effects of mammalian predator removal on production of upland-nesting ducks in North Dakota. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 65, 398-405

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Control predators not on islands for wildfowl Bird Conservation

A randomised, replicated and controlled study in northern North Dakota, USA, in 1995-6 (Garrettson & Rohwer 2001) found that survival rates of dabbling duck Anas spp. nests was higher on eight mixed agriculture and wetland sites (each 41.5 km2) with predator removal than on eight sites without predator removal (42% survival for 1,584 nests vs. 23% for 1,122). Trapping and shooting removed 2,404 predators between 1994 and 1996, most of which were raccoons Procyon lotor, striped skunks Mephitis mephitis and red fox Vulpes vulpes.