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Individual study: Successful breeding by red kites Milvus milvus following translocation into southern England

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Evans I.M., Cordero P.J. & Parkin D.T. (1998) Successful breeding at one year of age by red kites Milvus milvus in southern England. Ibis, 140, 53-57

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Translocate raptors Bird Conservation

A replicated study reviewing a translocation programme for red kites Milvus milvus into southern England (Evans et al. 1998) found that translocated and newly recruited birds fledged a total of 60 young from 35 breeding attempts between 1992 and 1994. A total of 73 birds were translocated between 1989 and 1994 and first breeding was attempted (unsuccessfully) by two pairs in 1991. Five of the breeding attempts were by pairs containing at least one one-year-old bird, of which three were successful. Translocated birds came from Spain (62 birds), Wales (seven birds, taken from the wild as eggs and hatched in captivity) and Sweden (four birds). A further 20 birds from Spain were released in 1994 but their breeding attempts are not analysed here. This translocation programme is also discussed below.