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Individual study: Supplementary feeding increases body fat percentages of northern bobwhites Colinus virginianus on two rangeland sites in Texas, USA

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Doerr T.B. & Silvy N.J. (2006) Effects of Supplemental Feeding on Physiological Condition of Northern Bobwhite in South Texas. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 70, 517-521

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Provide supplementary food for gamebirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A paired sites study in two pairs of 260 ha rangeland sites in Texas, USA, in from spring 1986 until spring 1987 (Doeer & Silvy 2006) found that northern bobwhites Colinus virginianus from sites supplied with supplementary food had significantly higher body fat percentages than bobwhites from control sites (average of 11.8% body fat for 111 bobwhites from fed sites vs. 10.1% for 110 bobwhites from control sites). Supplementary food consisted of 16 feeders supplied with 15 kg of milo (a high-carbohydrate, low fat and low protein supplement) and checked twice weekly. Between 46 and 70% of bobwhites shot on fed sites had milo in their crops. No investigation was made of survival.