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Individual study: More butterfly species on low input grasslands than intensively managed grasslands in Switzerland, but not every year

Published source details

Aviron S., Berner D. & Bosshart S. (2005) Butterfly diversity in Swiss grasslands: respective impacts of low-input management, landscape features and region. Pages 340-343 in: R. Lillak, R. Viiralt, A. Linke & V. Geherman (eds.) Grassland Science in Europe. 10, Estonian Grassland Society, Tartu.

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Reduce management intensity on permanent grasslands (several interventions at once) Farmland Conservation

A site comparison study in three regions of the Swiss Plateau (Aviron et al. 2005) found more butterfly (Lepidoptera) species on low input than on intensively managed grasslands in one of two study years. In 2002, but not in 2000, low input grasslands had more butterfly species than intensively managed grasslands (actual numbers not given). The identity of the butterfly species found was not significantly influenced by management intensity, but was different in different regions. Butterflies were recorded in 56 low input grasslands and 48 intensively managed grasslands, during the summers of 2000 and 2002. The low input grasslands were managed as Ecological Compensation Areas. They had restricted fertilizer and pesticide use, and late mowing.