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Individual study: The efficacy of nest box provision for white-winged ducks Cairina scutulata in Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

Published source details

Drilling N. (2001) Pilot nest-box project for white-winged ducks in Sumatra. TWSG News, 13, 16-18

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Provide artificial nesting sites for wildfowl Bird Conservation

A replicated one-year study in 2001 in Sumatra, Indonesia (Drilling 2001), found that no white-winged ducks Cairina scutulata were observed entering any of 25 nest boxes erected in trees in a swamp forest site. Boxes were 53 x 43 x 41-48 cm, with a 20 x 17cm entrance hole and four drainage holes, and were erected 1.5-4.0 m above the ground (mainly in durian trees Durio zibethinus). The author argues that nest boxes may take several years to be accepted and so may be used in the future.