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Individual study: Two pipit species Anthus spp. take calcium supplements supplied near their nests

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Bureš S. & Weidinger K. (2001) Do pipits use experimentally supplemented rich sources of calcium more often in an acidified area? Journal of Avian Biology, 32, 194-198

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Provide calcium supplements to increase survival or reproductive success Bird Conservation

A replicated study at three alpine sites (one heavily polluted in the Czech Republic, two less so in the Slovak Republic and Norway) (Bureš & Weidinger 2001) found that both meadow pipits Anthus pratensis and water pipits A. spinoletta took calcium-rich supplements placed near their nests, but that both species took supplements more frequently in the heavily polluted site. Snail shells were taken most often by both species, followed by eggshells, bone fragments and plastic snail shells (low in calcium). Quartz (low in calcium) and limestone pieces were taken less frequently than other supplements. A total of 84 meadow pipit nests and 47 water pipit nests were monitored across all sites. The effects of supplementation on reproduction were not monitored.