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Individual study: Using a streamer line reduced the number of baits taken by seabirds and the number taken within 50 m of a longlining boat off the southwest coast of Tasmania

Published source details

Brothers N. (1991) Albatross mortality and associated bait loss in the Japanese longline fishery in the Southern Ocean. Biological Conservation, 55, 255-268

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Use streamer lines to reduce seabird bycatch on longlines Bird Conservation

A controlled study on a fishing voyage off the southwest coast of Tasmania, Australia (Brothers 1991), found that using a streamer line reduced the number of baits taken by albatross from 5.8/1000 to 1.7/1,000. Fewer attempts at baits were also made within 50 m of the ship (from 12.8/1,000 baits and 63% of the total attempts to 0.2/1,000 baits and 2.3%). Streamer lines were 150 m long with seven ‘double-line vertical streamers’ attached at 4.1 m intervals.