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Individual study: Prairie falcons Falco mexicanus successfully use an artificial nesting platform attached to a cliff in California, USA

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Boyce Jr D.A., Fisher L., Lehman W.E., Hipp B. & Peterson J. (1980) Prairie falcons nest on an artificial ledge. Raptor Research, 14, 46-50

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Provide artificial nesting sites for falcons Bird Conservation

A small study in a pine forest in California, USA (Boyce et al. 1980), found that a pair of prairie falcons Falco mexicanus successfully used a nesting ledge installed on a nesting cliff in autumn 1978. Four eggs were laid on the artificial ledge in 1979 and two chicks hatched and fledged. The platform was made of steel, with rock added to it to encourage use and was held in place by expansion bolts.