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Individual study: Protected woodlands in South America exhibit higher bird abundance and species richness

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Cueto V.R. & Casenave J.L.D. (2000) Bird assemblages of protected and exploited coastal woodlands in east-central Argentina. The Wilson Bulletin, 112, 395-402

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A replicated, randomised, controlled study in 1992-4 in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (Cueto & Casenave 2000), found that total bird abundance and species richness was significantly higher in September, December and March in a protected old-growth tala-coronillo woodland (free of human disturbance for >100 years) than in a woodland selectively logged for Celtis tala until 1960. Insect-eating bird density and species richness was higher in the protected woodland than in the exploited woodland and fruit-eating birds showed higher total density in the protected woodland in spring and summer but species richness was similar between both woodland types. There were no differences between sites for seed-eating birds.