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Individual study: The carabids of conventional and widened field margins

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Telfer M.G., Meek W.R., Lambdon P., Pywell R.F., Sparks T.H. & Nowakowski M. (2000) The carabids of conventional and widened field margins. Aspects of Applied Biology, 58, 411-416

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Plant grass buffer strips/margins around arable or pasture fields Farmland Conservation

A small, controlled study in 1999 in North Yorkshire, UK (Telfer et al. 2000) found no significant difference in numbers of ground beetles (Carabidae) in 3 m and 6 m sown grass margins and cropped edges (numbers are not presented). Five margins 3 m-wide, four 6 m-wide and four cropped field edges were sampled on one arable farm. A line of eight pitfall traps, 5 m apart, were placed 1.5 m from the hedge base in each margin. Traps were set for 29 days in April-May and seven days in September 1999. This study was carried out at the same experimental site as Carvell et al. 2004, Shore et al. 2005.