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Individual study: Biodiversity of permanent pastures within livestock farming systems

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Dumont B., Farruggia A. & Garel J.P. (2007) Biodiversity of permanent pastures within livestock farming systems. Rencontre Recherche Ruminants, 14, 17-24

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Reduce grazing intensity on grassland (including seasonal removal of livestock) Farmland Conservation

A five year trial on a species-rich mountain meadow in France (Dumont et al. 2007) found that biodiversity and structure of the grass layer (sward) were affected not only by extensification of grazing, but also by the way in which the reduced stocking rate was applied. Extending the grazing season after the period of active grass growth, or using a rotational grazing system that excluded part of the area during the main flowering period, benefited plant species diversity. At the same time, negative effects on livestock performance were limited.