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Individual study: No difference in timing, distance or direction moved between sage grouse Centrocercus urophasianus in burned and unburned areas of Big Desert sagebrush, southeast Idaho, USA

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Fischer R.A., Wakkinen W.L., Reese K.P. & Connelly J.W. (1997) Effects of prescribed fire on movements of female sage grouse from breeding to summer ranges. The Wilson Bulletin, 109, 82-91

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Use prescribed burning on shrublands Bird Conservation

A controlled study in 1987-1992 in the Big Desert sagebrush ecosystem (dominated by Wyoming big sagebrush) of southeast Idaho, USA (Fischer et al. 1997), found that there were no differences in timing, distance or direction of movement of 81 greater sage grouse between burned and unburned areas. A 5,800 ha area of sagebrush was burned in late summer 1989, removing vegetation from approximately 57% of the area.