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Individual study: Nest boxes and nest-hole modifications reduce competition from pearly-eyed thrasher Margarops fuscatus for Puerto Rican parrot Amazona vittata nest cavities, Luquillo municipality, Puerto Rico

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Snyder N.F.R., Wiley J.W. & Kepler C.B. (1987) The parrots of Luquillo: Natural history and conservation of the Puerto Rican parrot. Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology Los Angeles, USA.

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Protect nest sites from competitors Bird Conservation

In Luquillo municipality, Puerto Rico, in the mid 1970s, provision of nest boxes and nest-hole modifications reduced competition from non-native, pearly-eyed thrashers Margarops fuscatus for Puerto Rican parrot Amazona vittata nest cavities (Snyder et al. 1987). Nest boxes for thrashers were erected near parrot nest cavities, and baffles and other modifications were installed such that the bottom of cavities used by parrots could not be viewed from the entrance, a change that parrots tolerated, but that made the cavities unacceptable as nesting sites for thrashers. Two benefits were apparent, the local pair of thrashers ceased to disturb the parrot cavity and their territorial presence prevented other thrashers from approaching.