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Individual study: Providing nest ledges for oilbirds Steatornis capripensis increases colony size in a cave at the Asa Wright Nature Center, Trinidad

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Lambie I. (1993) Good news about oilbirds. Bellbird, 2, 1993-1993

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Provide artificial nesting sites for oilbirds Bird Conservation

A before-and after-study at a colony of oilbirds Steatornis capripensis nesting in a cave at the Asa Wright Nature Center, Trinidad (Lambie 1993), found that the population increased from 25-30 birds to more than 100 individuals and 43 nests by 1977 following the installation of  artificial concrete ledges in 1967-1968. Before this, the colony appeared limited in size by the 15 or 16 ledge nest sites available. In 1977, 21 of the nests were on artificial ledges.