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Individual study: Perches increase raptor use of clearcuts in forest at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Vastmanland, Sweden

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Widén P. (1994) Habitat quality for raptors: a field experiment. Journal of Avian Biology, 25, 219-223

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Use perches to increase foraging success Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled experiment in central Sweden (Widén 1994) found that raptors used clearcuts with perches significantly more than those without (49 raptor observations in clearcuts with perches vs. 16 in those without). In the 1986 post-breeding season, 11 clearcuts (3.7-19.9 ha) were provided with 6 m high, regularly-spaced, perches (2/ha), and 11 had no artificial perches. Natural perches were virtually absent. Raptor use of the clearcuts was recorded April-May in 1987-1988. In autumn 1987, perches were switched between areas. In total, 33 raptor observations were made in 1987 and 32 in 1988; 85% (55) were common buzzard Buteo buteo, 14% (9) common kestrel Falco tinnunculus plus one hen harrier Circus cyaneus.