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Individual study: Deterrent methods impractical for deterring great crested grebes Podiceps cristatus from predating on common bleak Alburnus alburnus in Lake Como, Lombardia, Italy

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Gagliardi A., Martinoli A., Preatoni D., Wauters L.A. & Tosi G. (2006) Behavioral responses of wintering great crested grebes to dissuasion experiments: implications for management. Waterbirds, 29, 105-114

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At four sites around Lake Como, Italy, a controlled replicated experiment (Gagliardi et al. 2006) found that none of three deterrents (gas cannon detonations, fire crackers and shooting near birds) were effective or practical in deterring great crested grebes Podiceps cristatus from areas with commercially important common bleak Alburnus alburnus shoals. Grebe behavioural response was recorded during 3-h observation periods when deterrents were or were not, in use. Cannons had little effect. Crackers and shooting caused significant behavioural changes (less time feeding, resting and preening, and more time swimming) compared to control periods, but grebe numbers were only temporarily reduced in the vicinity.