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Individual study: Use of reflector ribbon successfully reduces numbers of pest birds visiting wheat and maize crops near Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

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Hafeez S., Khan T.H., Khan T.N., Shahbaz M. & Ahmed M. (2008) Use of reflector ribbon as a pest birds repellant in wheat and maize crop. Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences, 4, 92-94

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Reduce conflict by deterring birds from taking crops using bird scarers Bird Conservation

A replicated two-month study (November-December) on agricultural land in Punjab, Pakistan (Hafeez et al. 2008), found that hanging reflector ribbons 65-100 cm above crops was a low cost technique that significantly decreased abundances of four main bird pest species (house crow Corvus splendens, ring-necked parakeet Psittacula krameri, common myna Acridotheres tristis and bank myna A. ginginianus) that heavily damage young wheat Triticum aestivum and maize Zea mays crops.