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Individual study: Fish predation by herons and egrets is controlled by netting of fish ponds at seven tropical aquaculture facilities in central Florida, USA

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Avery M.L., Eiselman D.S., Young M.K, Humphrey J.S. & Decker D.G. (1999) Wading bird predation at tropical aquaculture facilities in central Florida. North American Journal of Aquaculture, 61, 64-69

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Use netting to exclude fish-eating birds Bird Conservation

A controlled, replicated experiment in 1995-6 at 18 ponds in seven aquaculture facilities in Florida, USA (Avery et al. 1999), found that fish losses from ponds covered in netting were significantly lower (11%) than for uncovered ponds (38%). Main species predating fish were snowy egret Egretta thula, green-backed heron Butorides striatus, tricolored heron E. tricolor and little blue heron E. caerulea.