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Individual study: Reclaimed coal mine grasslands left ungrazed and unhayed provide habitat for Henslow's sparrows Ammodramus henslowii in southwest Indiana, USA

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Bajema R.A., DeVault T.L., Scott P.E. & Lima S.L. (2001) Reclaimed coal mine grasslands and their significance for Henslow's sparrows in the American Midwest. The Auk, 118, 422-431

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A replicated study in the breeding seasons of 1997-1998 at 19 reclaimed coal mine sites, totalling 11,500 ha of grassland, in southwest Indiana, USA (Bejema et al. 2001), found that 200-300 singing male Henslow's sparrows were recorded on unmanaged grassland (density estimates averaging 0.2/ha) but they avoided areas of sparse or short vegetation prevalent in grazed pastures and hayed fields.