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Individual study: A pass to allow pronghorn antelope Antilocapra americana through sheep fences, Wyoming, USA

Published source details

Mapston R.D., Zobell R.S., Winter K.B. & Dooley W.D. (1970) A pass for antelope in sheep-tight fences. Journal of Range Management, 23, 457-459

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Install mammal crossing points along fences on farmland Terrestrial Mammal Conservation

A study in 1965 of grassland at a site in Wyoming, USA (Mapston et al. 1970) found that a modified pass based on a cattle grid design enabled passage by pronghorn antelopes Antilocapra americana whilst preventing escape of domestic sheep and cows. A total of 100 antelope were observed jumping across the grills, during five separate crossing events. Antelopes crossed grills at fence corners more than they crossed those along straight fences. A range of designs were trailed, the optimal being a 6-foot-long grill in a 5.5-foot-wide fence opening. The grill consisted of 13 bars at 6 inch-intervals. These were mounted on 10-inch-high timbers with earth ramps running up to both ends.

(Summarised by Nick Littlewood)