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Individual study: Removal of feral cats Felis catus to reduce black-vented shearwater Puffinus opisthomelas mortality on Natividad Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Keitt B.S. & Tershy B.R. (2003) Cat eradication significantly decreases shearwater mortality. Animal Conservation, 6, 307-308

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Control mammalian predators on islands for seabirds Bird Conservation

A replicated before-and-after study on Natividad Island (7.4 ha), Baja California Sur, Mexico (Keitt & Tershy 2003), found that mortality rates of black-vented shearwaters Puffinus opisthomelas in four survey plots fell by 90%, from 7.4 carcasses/month (April-July 1997) to 0.7 carcasses/month (March-June 2002) following the eradication of feral cats Felis catus from the island. Extrapolated to the entire colony, this suggests a decrease in mortality from over 1,000 birds/month to fewer than 90 birds/month, with each of 25 cats killing approximately 37 birds/month.