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Individual study: Provision of artificial shelter for least terns Sterna antillarum nesting on gravel-covered roofs in Denton County, Texas, USA

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Butcher J.A., Neill R.L. & Boylan J.T. (2007) Survival of least tern chicks hatched on gravel-covered roofs in north Texas. Waterbirds, 30, 595-601

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Physically protect nests with individual exclosures/barriers or provide shelters for chicks of ground nesting seabirds Bird Conservation

A small study in 2003 on two warehouse roofs in Texas, USA (Butcher et al. 2007) found that least tern Sterna antillarum chicks did not use wooden shelters more than would be expected by chance. However, on 18% of occasions when adults were observed mobbing predators (n = 39), chicks were seen using either artificial plants or skylights as cover (on two occasions chicks ran towards structures, on five occasions chicks were already in cover).