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Individual study: Effects of provision of artificial perches on foraging success and ranging of loggerhead shrikes Lanius ludovicianus on San Clemente Island, California, USA

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Lynn S., Martin J.A. & Garcelon D.K. (2006) Can supplemental foraging perches enhance habitat for endangered San Clemente loggerhead shrikes? Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 118, 333-340

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Use perches to increase foraging success Bird Conservation

A small controlled cross-over trial in shrubland and grassland on San Clemente Island, California, USA (Lynn et al. 2006), found that four pairs of San Clemente loggerhead shrikes Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi did not alter their hunting behaviour or success rate following the installation of 15 perches in their territories (approximately 50-75% success with perches vs. 60-65% without). However, some pairs did shift their hunting areas to include perches, suggesting that perches have the potential to increase the area of the island suitable for shrikes.