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Individual study: Use of an eastern bluebird Sialia sialis nest box by blue grosbeak Passerina caerulea in Craighead County, Arkansas, USA

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Risch T.S. & Robinson T.J. (2006) First observation of cavity nesting by a female blue grosbeak. Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 118, 107-108

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Provide artificial nesting sites for songbirds Bird Conservation

A small study, as part of a large study in mixed agricultural and woodland habitats in Arkansas, USA (Risch & Robinson 2006), found that, in 2003, a female blue grosbeak Passerina caerulea successfully reared four chicks in a nest box designed for eastern bluebirds Sialis sialis. The authors indicate that, to their knowledge, this represented the first record of cavity-nesting (and hence nest-box use) by blue grosbeak. A total of 200 bluebird nest boxes (with 10 x 15 cm bases) were erected 2 m above ground.