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Individual study: Two hive designs used for rearing bumblebees Bombus spp. in captivity at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Pomeroy N. & Plowright R.C. (1980) Maintenance of bumble bee colonies in observation hives (Hymenoptera: Apidae). The Canadian Entomologist, 112, 321-326

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Rear declining bumblebees in captivity Bee Conservation

Pomeroy & Plowright (1980) described two hive designs in which they had reared several species of bumblebee in the laboratory, including the pocket-making Neotropical species B. atratus and the large garden bumblebee B. ruderatus. Both designs were internally cone-shaped, one made of metal, one moulded from porous concrete. The metal hive had a heating element, and its internal temperature controlled at around 30°C by thermostat.