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Individual study: Rearing alfalfa leafcutter bees Megachile rotundata on artificial diets; laboratory experiments at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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Nelson E.V., Roberts R.B. & Stephen W.P. (1972) Rearing larvae of the leaf-cutter bee Megachile rotundata on artificial diets. Journal of Apicultural Research, 11, 153-156

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Rear and manage populations of solitary bees Bee Conservation

Nelson et al. (1972) reared groups of up to 25 alfalfa leafcutter bees Megachile rotundata on two different pollen substitutes or honey bee-collected pollen, and compared them to larvae reared on pollen collected by the mother bee. Those reared on pollen substitutes either died (one type of synthetic diet) or had lower prepupal weights (average weights 15-40 mg) than the control group (55 mg). Bees reared on honey-bee collected pollen weighed more than the control group (average weights 64-71 mg).