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Individual study: Release and subsequent nesting of captive-reared sunflower leafcutter bees Megachile pugnata, at Greenville Farm, Logan, Utah, USA

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Parker F.D. & Frohlich D.R. (1985) Studies on management of the sunflower leafcutter bee Eumegachile pugnata (Say) (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Journal of Apicultural Research, 24, 125-131

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Rear and manage populations of solitary bees Bee Conservation

Captive-reared sunflower leafcutter bees Megachile pugnata were released into a 0.7 ha sunflower field in Utah, USA in 1982 (Parker & Frohlich 1985). A total of 186 females were released (not marked) and a maximum of 182 were subsequently counted resting in nesting blocks at night, in and around the field. Altogether, 690 nests were made across 90 nest blocks, and the surviving number of overwintering pupae when counted in October was 1,643.