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Individual study: Storage and incubation temperatures for artificial rearing of the subtropical leafcutter bee Megachile flavipes; laboratory studies at the Haryana Agricultural University, Haryana, India

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Kapil R.P. & Sihag R.C. (1985) Storage and incubation in the management of the alfalfa-pollinating bee Megachile flavipes Spinola. Journal of Apicultural Research, 24, 199-202

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Rear and manage populations of solitary bees Bee Conservation

One replicated trial in India examined methods of artificially rearing the subtropical leafcutter species Megachile flavipes, a species not commercially managed for pollination (Kapil & Sihag 1985). This species can be stored at the pre-pupal stage for 270 days. It showed least mortality (5-7%) under this treatment if stored at 12°C. Stored at 4°C, the lowest temperature in the study, mortality was 16-20%. The optimum incubation temperature following lower temperature storage was 28.5°C. The bees emerged over a shorter time period if stored at 8°C and incubated at 28.5°C.