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Individual study: Planting bigleaf lupine Lupinus polyphyllus enhances reproductive success of the blue orchard mason bee Osmia lignaria in apple orchards in Nova Scotia, Canada

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Sheffield C.S., Westby S.M., Smith R.F. & Kevan P.G. (2008) Potential of bigleaf lupine for building and sustaining Osmia lignaria populations for pollination of apple. Canadian Entomologist, 140, 589-599

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Plant dedicated floral resources on farmland Bee Conservation

Sheffield et al. (2008) demonstrated that planting 3 x 45 m patches of the native bigleaf lupine Lupinus polyphyllus in three apple orchards in Novia Scotia, Canada, significantly enhanced the reproductive success of managed blue orchard mason bees Osmia lignaria. Nests were heavier and contained more new bees/nest in six nest boxes placed next to the lupine patch, relative to six nest boxes placed 600 m away from the lupine patches in the same orchards.