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Individual study: Use of nest boxes by indigo-winged parrots Hapalopsittaca fuertesi in and around the Reserva Municipal El Mirador, Quindã, Colombia

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Tovar-Martínez A.E. (2009) Reproductive parameters and nesting of indigo-winged parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) in artificial cavities. Ornitologi­a Neotropical, 20, 357-368

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Provide artificial nesting sites for parrots Bird Conservation

A replicated study in 2005 at a tropical forest site and nearby ranches in Colombia (Tovar Martinez 2009) studied a subset of the nest boxes used in Quevedo et al. 2006 and found that indigo-winged parrots Hapalopsittaca fuertesi used 13 of 120 nest boxes provided. A total of 39 eggs were laid, 32 (82%) hatched (the remaining seven were infertile) and 25 chicks (78% of those that hatched) fledged. Overall, 10 (91%) nests in boxes successfully fledged one or more chick. The boxes were of the same design as those in Quevedo et al. 2006.