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Individual study: Effect of burn frequency on abundance of wintering Henslow's sparrows Ammodramus henslowii in longleaf pine Pinus palustris savanna remnants in south-eastern Louisiana, USA

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Bechtoldt C.L. & Stouffer P.C. (2005) Home-range size, response to fire, and habitat preferences of wintering Henslow's sparrows. Wilson Bulletin, 117, 211-225

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Use prescribed burning on pine forests Bird Conservation

A site comparison study in the winters of 2001-2002 at three pine savanna sites in southeast Louisiana, USA (Bechtoldt & Stouffer 2005), found that wintering Henslow's sparrow Ammodramus henslowii abundance was significantly higher in areas burned the preceding growing season (average of 3 birds/ha) than in areas burned two or three years previously (1 bird/ha). Eight areas were burned once in May-August 1999-2001. There was a trend for decreasing sparrow abundance with time since burn: 1.0/ha in areas burned one year previously, around 0.7/ha in areas burned two years previously and 0.2/ha in those burned three years previously. Of vegetation characteristics measured, average seed abundance (which decreased with time since burn) was the best predictor of sparrow abundance.