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Individual study: Scorpion weed Phacelia tanacetifolia does not provide an attractive forage source for wild pollinators at Aristotle University Farm and Oraiokastron, Central Macedonia, Greece

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Petanidou T. (2003) Introducing plants for bee-keeping at any cost? Assessment of Phacelia tanacetifolia as nectar source plant under xeric Mediterranean conditions. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 238, 155-168

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Plant dedicated floral resources on farmland Bee Conservation

In a replicated trial of flower-visiting insects foraging on six 0.1 ha sown patches of phacelia on farmland near Thessaloniki, Greece, 95% of all visits were by honey bees (Petanidou 2003). No bumblebees and only small numbers of solitary bees, mostly sweat bees of the family Halictidae (no more than six species in any flowering period, 12 species in total) foraged on the patches.