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Individual study: Vertebrate use of culverts under roads and railways in Madrid province, Spain

Published source details

Yanes M., Velasco J.M. & Suarez F. (1995) Permeability of roads and railways to vertebrates: the importance of culverts. Biological Conservation, 71, 217-222

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Install culverts or tunnels as road crossings Amphibian Conservation

A replicated study in 1993 of 17 culverts in Madrid province, Spain (Yanes, Velasco & Suarez 1995) found that amphibians used the culverts. An average of 0.03 amphibian tracks/culvert/day (range: 0–0.19) were recorded. Two culverts were selected under a motorway, 10 under local roads and five under a railway line. Amphibian tracks were monitored within culverts using marble dust over the floor. Monitoring was undertaken over four to eight days each season.