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Individual study: Review of the effectiveness of rat eradication projects on offshore islands within the United Kingdom

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Ratcliffe N., Mitchell I., Varnham K., Verboven N. & Higson P. (2009) How to prioritize rat management for the benefit of petrels: a case study of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Ibis, 151, 699-708

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Control mammalian predators on islands for seabirds Bird Conservation

A review of rat Rattus spp. eradication programmes on five islands around the UK between 1959 and 2006 (Ratcliffe et al. 2009) found that bird populations increased on four of the islands: Atlantic puffins Fratercula arctica have recolonised Ailsa Craig, southwest Scotland and their range and population increased on Handa, north Scotland. Manx shearwaters Puffinus puffinus increased from 700 to 2,000 pairs on Ramsey, west Wales and 308 to 1,120 pairs on Lundy, southwest England (see Lock 2006). However, they did not recolonise Cardigan Island, southwest Wales.