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Individual study: Provision of artificial nest boxes for scarlet macaws Ara macao in the Central Pacific Conservation Area, Costa Rica

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Vaughan C., Nemeth N. & Marineros L. (2003) Ecology and management of natural and artificial scarlet macaw (Ara macao) nest cavities in Costa Rica. Ornitologê Neotropical, 14, 381-396

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Provide artificial nesting sites for parrots Bird Conservation

A replicated study in 1996-2000 in four tropical forest sites in central Costa Rica (Vaughan et al. 2003) found that scarlet macaws Ara macao successfully hatched eleven clutches from six of 38 (16%) nest boxes provided between 1995 and 2000. Three of these boxes were 1 m plastic barrels (14 erected in total), two were 35 cm PVC tubes (15 erected in total) and one was in a 100 x 60 cm wooden box (nine erected in total). All boxes were erected 10-20 m above the ground in trees. Three clutches were laid in PVC tubes in 2000 were destroyed by monkeys.