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Individual study: A high proportion of foraging early bumblebee Bombus pratorum workers return to the nest after colonies translocated, Rothamsted Experimental Station, Hertfordshire, England

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Free J.B. (1955) The adaptability of bumblebees to a change in the location of their nest. British Journal of Animal Behaviour, 3, 61-65

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Translocate bumblebee colonies in nest boxes Bee Conservation

Five colonies of the early bumblebee B. pratorum housed in wooden boxes were experimentally translocated in Hertfordshire, southern England (Free 1955). Colonies were moved six miles (9.7 km), 80 yards (73 m), seven yards (6.4 m) or three inches (7.6 cm) from the original site. Apart from the smallest translocation distance, some foraging workers were lost due to each translocation. Between 71% and 92% of foraging workers returned to the nest at the new site eventually.