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Individual study: Use of wooden nest boxes by the solitary bee Megachile pseudanthidioides in secondary woodland on Santa Catarina Island, Brazil

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Zillikens A. & Steiner J. (2004) Nest architecture, life cycle and cleptoparasite of the Neotropical leaf-cutting bee Megachile (Chrysosarus) pseudanthidioides Moure (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, 77, 193-202

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Provide artificial nest sites for solitary bees Bee Conservation

A trial in secondary woodland on Santa Catarina Island, Brazil (Zillikens & Steiner 2004) showed that leafcutter bees of the species Megachile pseudanthidioides will nest in wooden boxes with an internal cavity (10 ´ 10 ´ 5 cm with a 10 mm diameter entrance hole), or drilled hardwood blocks (holes 7 cm long, 11-12 mm in diameter) or sections of bamboo stem (15-25 cm long, 5-25 mm in diameter).