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Individual study: Changes in vegetation and bird use following tidal-restoration of a salt hay farmland near Heislerville, New Jersey, USA

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Slavin P. & Shisler J.K. (1983) Avian utilisation of a tidally restored salt hay farm. Biological Conservation, 26, 271-285

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Restore or create coastal and intertidal wetlands Bird Conservation

A controlled study in 1972-1976 on two former and one current ‘salt hay’ farms in Delaware Bay, New Jersey, USA (Slavin & Shisler 1983), found that there were significantly more species of waders, waterfowl and gulls on the former farms that were inundated by seawater following breaching of the dykes surrounding the farm. Significantly more songbird species were found on the current farm. After the dykes were breached, the plant community changed dramatically, with a 98% increase in salt marsh plants, an 88% decrease in salt hay species and a 97% increase in surface water.