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Individual study: The effect of prescribed burning and mechanical shrub control on flower-visiting insects in mixed woodland at Green River Game Management Area, North Carolina, USA

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Campbell J.W., Hanula J.L. & Waldrop T.A. (2007) Effects of prescribed fire and fire surrogates on floral visiting insects of the blue ridge province in North Carolina. Biological Conservation, 134, 393-404

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Control fire risk using mechanical shrub control and/or prescribed burning Bee Conservation

A replicated controlled trial in mixed temperate forests in North Carolina, USA, tested the effects of prescribed burning and mechanical shrub control (cutting) or both, on the abundance of flower-visiting insects in the subsequent two years (Campbell et al. 2007). There were three replicates of each treatment, in 14 ha plots. There were more bees and more bee species in plots that underwent both mechanical shrub control and prescribed burning, compared to plots with mechanical shrub control only, prescribed burn only or no fire control. Mechanical shrub control and burning combined led to hotter fires and increased herbaceous plant cover, providing more forage plants for bees in subsequent years.