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Individual study: Effect of cleaning nest boxes on box use and nesting success of eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis on Clemson University 'campus', South Carolina, USA

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Gowaty P.A. & Plissner J.H. (1997) Breeding dispersal of eastern bluebirds depends on nesting success but not on removal of old nests: an experimental study. Journal of Field Ornithology, 68, 323-330

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Clean nest boxes to increase occupancy or reproductive success Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled study in mixed farmland in South Carolina, USA (Gowaty & Plissner 1997), found that, in 1988, eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis were more likely to reuse nest boxes cleaned after the season’s first breeding attempt, compared to control (uncleaned) boxes (72% of 12 cleaned boxes reused vs. 57% of 12 controls). However, there were no differences in nesting success or overall number of nesting attempts between cleaned and control boxes (44% nesting success, 1.7 fledglings/second clutch and 24 nesting attempts for cleaned boxes vs. 50% success, 2.1 fledglings/second clutch and 26 attempts in control boxes), or in the likelihood of nest boxes being reused in 1989 (92% of 12 cleaned boxes used vs. 75% of controls). Alternative nest boxes were erected 200 m from previously used boxes, with 50% of new and 50% of old boxes being cleaned.