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Individual study: Post-release survival of oiled, cleaned seabirds in North America

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Sharp B.E. (1996) Post-release survival of oiled, cleaned seabirds in North America. Ibis, 138, 222-228

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Clean birds following oil spills Bird Conservation

A replicated controlled study in Canada and the USA (Sharp 1996) found that ringed seabirds that were oiled, cleaned and released (‘treated’) were found dead (recovered) much sooner than birds that were not oiled (between six and 111 days before 98 treated birds were recovered vs. 216-1,019 days for 700 non-oiled birds). In addition, estimated survival rates of oiled common guillemots Uria aalge were just 13% over 20 days (resulting in negligible annual survival), much lower than the 90-95% annual survival for adults (20-40% for juveniles) commonly seen.