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Individual study: Supplementary feeding enhances weight gain of nestling Atlantic puffins Fratercula arctica on St. Kilda and the Isle of May, Scotland

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Harris M.P. (1978) Supplementary feeding of young puffins, Fratercula arctica. Journal of Animal Ecology, 47, 15-23

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Provide supplementary food for auks to increase reproductive success Bird Conservation

A controlled, replicated study on St. Kilda, western Scotland, in 1975 (Harris 1978), found that Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica chicks fledged at significantly higher weights if they were provided daily with 50 g of sprats Sprattus sprattus, compared to control chicks (average weight of 316 g for 11 fed chicks vs. 301 g for 37 controls). Five chicks removed from burrows and fed sprats ad libitum were even heavier (365.g) while three unfed chicks with a single parent were lighter (240 g). All removed chicks and fed chicks fledged, 37 of 39 controls fledged and three of six single-parent chicks fledged. There was no difference in fledging age between fed and control chicks (40 days), but single-parent chicks took longer to fledge (45 days). A parallel study on the Isle of May (eastern Scotland) found smaller differences between treatments (removed: 367 g for six chicks; fed: 344 g for ten; controls: 331 g for 70; single-parent: 303 g for four), suggesting that St. Kilda puffins are to some degree food limited.