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Individual study: Effects of a prescribed burn on nest-site choice of sage sparrow Amphispiza belli in sagebrush steppe at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho, USA

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Winter B.M. & Best L.B. (1985) Effect of prescribed burning on placement of sage sparrow nests. The Condor, 87, 294-295

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Use prescribed burning on shrublands Bird Conservation

A before-and-after study in Artemisia spp. sagebrush habitat around the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho, USA (Winter & Best 1985), found that in 1982 all 34 sage sparrow Amphispiza belli nests found were within sagebrush plants. In 1983, after a prescribed burn created a mosaic of burned and unburned patches, 23 of 29 nests (79%) were within sagebrush but six were in atypical locations: five on the ground under small plants and one within a grass clump.