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Individual study: Effect of insecticide treatment on nest parasites and sand martin Riparia riparia nestlings at two breeding colonies near Dunblane, Stirling, Scotland

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Alves M.A.S. (1997) Effects of ectoparasites on the sand martin Riparia riparia nestlings. Ibis, 139, 494-496

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Remove ectoparasites from nests to increase survival or reproductive success Bird Conservation

A replicated, paired site study over two summers in 1991-92 in central Scotland (Alves 1997) found that sand martin Riparia riparia chicks from nests treated with Alugan pesticide (4.25% Bromocyclen) had fewer ectoparasites than chicks from untreated nests and fledged at higher weights (average of 18.8 g for 44 treated nests vs. 18.0 g for 44 control nests; within pairs, chicks from treated nests were heavier in 61% of cases). However, there was no difference in nestling survival between treated and control nests.