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Individual study: Effects of supplementary feeding on the local population density and home range size of varied tits Parus varius near Joetsu-shi, Chubu region, Japan

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Kubota H. & Nakamura M. (2000) Effects of supplemental food on intra- and inter-specific behaviour of the varied tit Parus varius. Ibis, 142, 312-319

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Provide supplementary food for songbirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A small controlled before-and-after trial (Kubota & Nakamura 2000) in two mixed woodlands on Honshu, Japan (using the same study sites as in Nakamura & Kubota 1998), found that neither the local population density nor the home range size of varied tits Parus varius increased over a six-week period when supplementary food was provided, compared to a control area where no food was provided. In September 1995 there were 23 tits in the 67 ha experimental site and 17 in the 36 ha control (unfed) site. By the 12th December (the end of the feeding period), there were 19 tits in the experimental area and 17 in the control area. Food consisted of 500 g sunflower seeds provided two or three times a week from eight feeders, one in each tit territory in the experimental area and all tits in the area used feeders at an average of 5.2 visits/hr.