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Individual study: No uptake by Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus of nest boxes provided at two upland spruce Picea spp. forest sites in the UK

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Petty S.J. (1985) A negative response of kestrels Falco tinnunculus to nestboxes in upland forests. Bird Study, 32, 194-195

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Provide artificial nesting sites for falcons Bird Conservation

A replicated study in two upland pine forests in Wales and England (Petty 1985) found that Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus did not use any of the 41 nest boxes provided between 1973-8. Twenty seven nest boxes were erected on 2 m posts in Wales between 1973 and 1976 and lined with peaty turf, whereas in northern England, 14 boxes of the same design were attached to mature spruce trees (five to six whorls from the top). Only one pair of kestrels bred in the 20 km2 around the Welsh site, with two pairs breeding in the 10 km2 around the English site.